For Financial Institutions

The Recovery Information Management System (RIMS) is a personal computer based application which has been developed specifically to address the automation needs of organizations responsible for the repossession and subsequent sale of collateral recovered on defaulted consumer loans or leases. If your collections system or loan processing system leaves you to fend for yourself once it becomes necessary to repossess your collateral, RIMS is the answer to your problems!

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do your account officers or collectors manually prepare repossession orders in handwritten or typewritten form?
Do you have staff members "feeding" the fax machine or tied up on the phone for several hours a day just in order to get your repossession orders out to your field representatives and outside adjusters?
Do your collectors have to keep manual records in order to determine the status of repossession assignments or even to know if you have received timely progress reports from your adjusters?
Once your collateral has been repossessed are you manually preparing your notices to the borrower?
Do you have to maintain manual records to keep track of where your repossessed collateral is located and what the accrued storage charges are?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, YOU NEED RIMS!

Can you quickly and easily determine the appraised value, payoff, and potential recovery or loss position from your collateral inventory?
Can you quickly and easily determine the time frames and recovery cost associated with your repossessed collateral?
Can you quickly and easily analyze your collateral sales performance, including analysis by sales outlet, sales office, and type of collateral?
Can you quickly and easily create your own "ad-hoc" reports?
Can you quickly and easily change the content of the documents you are required to prepare or create new documents when desired?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, YOU NEED WINRIMS!

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